We've got the answers to all your questions about La Paz and Bolivia in general. If you don't find what you're looking for here, send us an email! We are happy to help you make the most of your trip to our amazing country!


Yes!  We can book any trip/tour or otherwise amazing thing to do in Bolivia.  Let us know what you are interested in and we can help you build the dream Bolivia trip with your interests in mind.

You can only show up and pay on the day for the City Walking Tour, which leaves daily at 10am and 2pm from Plaza San Pedro.

All other tours must be booked online or in our office (940 Linares, upstairs).

City Walking Tour: 2.5 – 3 hours

Extended Tour: 3 – 4 hours (If you also join the Cholita Wrestling it adds about 3 hours to this)

Foodie Tour: 4 hours

Private ½ Day Tour: 4 hours

Private Full Day Tour: 6 hours

Cholita Wrestling: 2 hours

All other tours must be booked online or in our office (940 Linares, upstairs).

City Walking Tour – San Pedro Plaza at 11am or 2pm ever day! Extended Tour – Sol y Luna Café at 2pm every day! Foodie Tour – The doors to San Francisco Church at 6pm. Private ½ Day Tour – We pick up from hotels in the center, you must email us with your hotel name and the hour you prefer (9am or 3pm) Private Full Day Tour: We pick up from hotels in the center, you must email us with your hotel name. Cholita Wrestlling – Pick up is offered from the center, you must email us with your hotel name to coordinate pickup.

If you book multiple tours or are a big group, ask us for a discount!

The majority of our walkers prefer the tour in English so most of our tours are primarily in English, BUT, our guides are local guides who speak Spanish as such when there is a group of Spanish speakers we will divide the groups to make sure everyone understands and falls in love with our amazing city!

Unfortunately, due to local regulations, we cannot offer free tours in the city.  As such we have made the tours as inexpensive as possible so that everyone, no matter their budget, can enjoy a locally guided tour of this incredible city.  And for this reason we also suggest you tip your guide as they work hard for you!

YES! We go rain, shine, hell or high water.

If for some reason you can’t join us, let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we will happily put you on another day.  If you don’t show up and we don’t know where you are….we have costs to cover, and as such can’t give you your green guys back. Also, you MUST enjoy your time with Red C&P.  If you don’t send us an email to let us know why not.  We love improving the tours we offer.  


Mountain Biking – The world famous Death Road is a must do!  64km of amazing descent from the top of the mountains down to the high jungle.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do this trip with a reputable operator.  There are also a number of other amazing riding options in the beautiful Bolivian Andes.  Contact us and we can help you book!

Urban Rush – A definite must do for anyone looking for a little adrenaline!  Rappel face-first out of one of La Paz’s highest buildings dressed as Spiderman.  Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.  They are open every day from 12-6pm. 

Scree Rush – If you love snowboarding then this you must try!  Scree is the Andes version of sand and it is amazing fun on a snowboard, not to mention the views….this is the Andes!  Contact us for more info or to book!

Tiwanaku – These incredible ruins pre date the Incas and tell an amazing story of the people who built them, only 1.5 hours from the city.

Cholita Wrestling – Every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, women in traditional garb enter the ring and put on quite an amazing high flying spectacle.  You can book on our website by clicking this.

Trekking/Climbing – The mountains surrounding la paz are a climbers/hikers dream.  The most popular route is Huayna Potosi where you can climb over 6000m in just 1 or 2 days! 

One of the best things about La Paz is the vast array of restaurants, street food, and markets – there is truly something for any type or style of food you are looking for here is some of our favorites (there are many more!) and if you have suggestions let us know!

High end

Gustu – started by world renowned chef, Claus Meyer, this chic restaurant offers incredible dishes featuring all local ingredients.  A real treat and a bargain for the luxury it is.

Ali Pacha – In the center of town this small restaurant invites you to enjoy fine dining without breaking the bank.  A vegetarian and vegan restaurant where you meat eaters won’t think you are missing anything!

Ludo’s – A small restaurant with a big bang on the plate.  Don’t just order a main, you’ll want an appetizer as well.

Pronto – The best Italian in La Paz.

Mid Level

Rendezvous – One of our favorite spots for dinner.  This family run restaurant features great dishes from steak and pasta to local dishes in a very nice atmosphere. It is a great deal for the quality.

4 corners – These restaurants all on 4 corners offer a wide array of selection.  Mexican, BBQ, Dutch, Italian and more.

Vitapho – Great for lunch if you want Asian dishes.

Namaste – Good vegetarian food in the center.

Sabor Cubana – Good hearty Cuban.  Best for lunch.  Center of touristic area.

Cheap Eats

Mercado Lanza – This is your one stop shop for everything cheap and good.  From fruit salads and other snacks to full almuerzos, this is where locals go for a cheap meal.  Do make sure the place you go looks clean.

  • Saltenas
  • Papas Relleno
  • Anticucho
  • Canela Ice Cream
  • Sandwich de Chola
  • Writer’s Café
  • Café Alexanders
  • Broasters
  • Antigua Miami
  • Blueberry

Nearly everyone feels the altitude when they first arrive.  Usually the first day or 2 you may have a headache, feel groggy or heavy and then you feel normal….just don’t run up the hills!  You must remain well hydrated and if you feel very bad, your lips or under your fingernails are purple you need oxygen and should visit a hospital.